VR clothing design (Bachelor Thesis)

VR Clothing design application

This application was made for Hecla Professional and Tommy Hilfiger to explore the possibilities of clothing design in VR.

It allows the user to change the fabrics the garment is made of by selecting one in the panel on the left, and applying it to a part of the garment. The controls on the right change the environment, so that the garment can be evaluated under different lighting conditions.

News segment for documentary

This news segment is one, of several, made for use in a documentary about the effect of the breakdown of the internet on the personal connections people maintain.

Apart from the music, everything was made by me. The documentary was made for the Documentary Practice elective of the Bachelor Creative Technology.

Animation of Sensor Nodes

This animation is made for a video about Biodegradable Sensor Nodes. In the final video it is used with narration to explain what sensor nodes are.

Space animations

3D renders made in Blender

Other things I’ve made

A book draft I wrote


NaNoWriMo is an event which challenges writers to write a draft of 50.000 words in the month November. For comparison, The Fellowship of the Ring is about 177.000 words long. I participated in 2015 and wrote a rough draft of the book Fire Rises. It is nowhere near complete and really rough, but if you want to read it, you can download it here: